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We’ve reviewed the latest ABS figures to identify the climbers and the decliners in the population race. There are links to the VIC Government’s new regional growth promotion tool – websites for each Council, and an update on our projects. Read it now

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Consultation on Peri Urban Agriculture Discussion Paper closing soon

The Peri Urban Agriculture Discussion Paper has been developed over the last two years, to encourage a dialogue with stakeholders and the community about the role and value of agriculture in the region. The Discussion Paper frames the key challenges the PUGRC has identified for agriculture in the region and poses questions to illicit further information from stakeholders and the community.

Interested individuals are invited to make comment on the June 2017 Agriculture Discussion Paper until Friday 28 July 2017. Read the Discussion paper – Peri Urban Agriculture. Discussion Paper. June 2017 v2

To make a submission:

The objective of the Discussion Paper and consultation process is to develop an informed and tested position on agriculture in the Peri Urban region, that can inform Local and State Government planning and policy for agriculture in the region.

The peri urban region contains 10 per cent of Victoria’s productive agricultural lands and is responsible for 17 per cent of the primary produce (ABS. 2011). The industry generates almost $2 billion annually and accounts for 26 per cent of the peri urban region’s Gross Regional Product.


2017 Budget Edition of the PUGRC newsletter

Our coverage of the VIC and Federal Budgets. Read via

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The latest newsletter for the Peri Urban region is now available.  

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Submission to VIC Review of Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations

The Peri Urban Group of Rural Councils is supportive of initiatives to simplify regulations and to protect natural assets and amenity. Our shared experience reveals that for too long it has been simpler for land owners to clear native vegetation and pay the fine rather than working with Councils and Government to do the right thing. We hope that this review will make it simpler for land owners to protect native vegetation or adequately replace the native vegetation where clearing is approved.

We believe that the best approach to managing native vegetation clearing is to consider the issue in a holistic way and to reference the Bushfire Management Overlays (BMO) and clearing provisions. We have concerns that the BMO is being used to clear native vegetation and significant trees near to homes. The two documents should be read and applied in conjunction with each other.

Peri Urban Group of Rural Council’s Submission on Native Vegetation Clearing Guidelines March 2017 web

Latest Peri urban Newsletter is out now – February 2017

Don’t miss the digital transformation discussion with Helen Anstis, read about our representative on the Mayoral Advisory Panel, Kindergarten campaign, consultation on Environmental Officers and lots more….

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