The Peri Urban Group of Rural Councils- Mayors and CEO’s forum (PUGRC Forum):
• Provides a forum for informed discussion on all issues relating to the peri urban region.
• Advocates with a single voice on peri urban issues, such as planning, infrastructure, growth pressures and economic development to governments, community and other key stakeholders.
• Acts as a single contact point for governments, councils and other key stakeholders to disseminate, discuss and respond to peri urban policy issues and initiatives.
• Proactively seeks to resolve complex policy issues. Individual councils may have specific and site based concerns, however the over-arching issues are likely to be common to all peri urban groups.
• Participates in, or leads, proactive and collaborative research and other activities that contribute to evidence based policy and strategy. Proactively disseminate this research to government and key stakeholders.
• Works collaboratively with peri urban groups across Australia.