Changes to the Residential Zones were gazetted by the State Government on 27 March. Changes affect the Mixed Use Zone (MUZ), Township Zone (TZ), Residential Growth Zone (RGZ), General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).

The most substantive changes are to the GRZ and NRZ, which will see mandatory height and storey limits as well as mandatory requirements for minimum garden areas. The changes will not apply where buildings have been constructed before the gazettal date, planning permits have been lodged before the gazettal date, or substantial progress has been made on construction which did not require a planning permit.

Where existing schedules to a zone apply, the height limits in those schedules will apply. Where an overlay applies a lower height limit, the lower limit will apply. Where an overlay or local provision previously permitted a higher height limit, the new lower limit found in the zones will apply.

Information from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning can be found online.