The Peri Urban Agriculture Discussion Paper has been developed over the last two years, to encourage a dialogue with stakeholders and the community about the role and value of agriculture in the region. The Discussion Paper frames the key challenges the PUGRC has identified for agriculture in the region and poses questions to illicit further information from stakeholders and the community.

Interested individuals are invited to make comment on the June 2017 Agriculture Discussion Paper until Friday 28 July 2017. Read the Discussion paper – Peri Urban Agriculture. Discussion Paper. June 2017 v2

To make a submission:

  • email the Executive Officer via
  • write to Peri Urban Agriculture Discussion Paper, C/- PO Box 18 Ballan VIC 3342

The objective of the Discussion Paper and consultation process is to develop an informed and tested position on agriculture in the Peri Urban region, that can inform Local and State Government planning and policy for agriculture in the region.

The peri urban region contains 10 per cent of Victoria’s productive agricultural lands and is responsible for 17 per cent of the primary produce (ABS. 2011). The industry generates almost $2 billion annually and accounts for 26 per cent of the peri urban region’s Gross Regional Product.