Key Priorities

Read our Policy Framework – Updated Peri Urban Policy Framework 8 Nov 21

 Read our Pre Budget Submission – Peri Urban Councils Victoria – Pre-Budget Submission 2022-23

Peri Urban Priorities

Peri Urban Councils Victoria member regions are projected to grow at an average rate of 1.96% (Golden Plains 2.0%, Moorabool 2.1%, Surf Coast 1.9%, 1.7%, Baw Baw 2.1%).

The PUCV has a number of key objectives aimed at:

1. Supporting demand: for growth with appropriate amenities and ongoing supply of land that balances the needs of industry (agriculture); and
2. Meeting expectations: of those who require high levels of connectivity and social infrastructure and services.

PUGRC Priority Investments

  • Population planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport connectivity
  • Digital connectivity
  • Economic growth
  • Agriculture


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