Our Aim

Peri Urban Councils Victoria is the leader in advocating for Victorian peri urban support and solutions at the local, state and national level.Peri Urban Who we are Infographic

Mission Statement

PUGRC is the leader in advocating for Victorian peri urban support and solutions by engaging with one voice at the local, state and national level. PUGRC works to secure economic and social investment from both Federal and State Government. All policy priorities are assessed by their benefit to the region – projects that will advance liveability, connectivity and productivity.

PUGRC – A Growing Opportunity to Create a Better Balance

PUGRC members aim to offer a better balance to Victoria’s currently overpopulated capital city Melbourne. These regions already provide employment, essential services, recreational activities and are conveniently located within an easy commutable distance to Melbourne.

PUGRC members have scalable infrastructure and services that can further accommodate a growing population and are all willing to welcome a larger share of Victoria’s growing population.

Enabling the choice of a better balance is key to the future of the peri-urban councils and also that of Victoria’s future.

To gain this balance, growth must be supported with government investment. The liveability of these areas across has attracted a growing population which is challenging our member’s ability to meet demand. The financial capacity of Local Government to appropriately invest in infrastructure, services required to support the rate of growth needs to be better addressed by the state and federal governments.

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