Peri Urban Economic Development Strategy – Released.

The PUGRC Economic Development Strategy is the first time the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, using all 17 UNSDG categories have been applied to analyse an Australian region’s economic, social and environmental wellness, giving the PUGRC members a 3D view of their region.

This new way of viewing the economic regional development provides the PUGRC with a holistic view of the needs of our community, identifying the future requirements of our industry and placing our future economic development within the context of protecting our natural environment and biodiversity.   […]

Growing Solutions Advocacy Document

Growing Solutions represents our shared strategic priorities for this region. The solutions for growth identified in our Growing Solutions plan, will enable the Peri Urban region to grow in a sustainable manner. We will protect the elements that make this region special to existing and new residents, whilst delivering the infrastructure, service levels and economic opportunities that will enable this region to be a dynamic, self […]